Do’s and Don’ts for your fridge

  • Keep the door closed at all times
  • Keep the cooler clean and in a dust-free environment
  • Sprinkle insecticide powder on the rear plates of the cooler
  • Wash the inside of the cooler regularly with a solution of water and bicarbonate of soda. This will help to eliminate smells and keep the cooler hygienic
  • Wash the exterior of the cooler with a mild soap solution
  • Always have a 20cm space between the cooler and the wall to allow for proper ventilation
  • For air curtain coolers, ensure that the cooler has a dedicated power supply (25 amps minimum), since sharing a plug will result in tripping the outlet power
  • Position the cooler while holding on to the door handles
  • Plug other appliances into the same wall socket that is used by the cooler
  • Attempt to extend the 3 metre electrical cable, or run the cooler off an extension
  • Adjust the thermostat
  • Move the cooler without first contacting the SSD team
  • Pack anything in front of the kick plate as this restricts air flow to the cooler
  • Place air curtain coolers directly in front of entrances or air-conditioning ducts

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