Frequently asked questions about CCBSA


Who is CCBSA?

Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa (CCBSA) is the South African-based subsidiary of Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA).

What is our business vision?

To be the best Coca-Cola bottler in the world and Africa’s most valuable food and beverage company.

Where do we operate?

CCBSA operates in four sales territories – Inland, Coastal, North and Gauteng, covering the sales territories previously allocated to Coca-Cola Fortune, ABI and Shanduka.

How many plants do we have?

We have 13 manufacturing plants situated in Polokwane, Pretoria West, Midrand, Devland, Nigel, Wadeville, Heidelberg, Phoenix, Bloemfontein, Elgin and Epping.

How many employees do we have?

We employ 7 500 employees.

How many customers do we have?

170 000 retail outlets are looked after by our dedicated teams.

How many brands do we produce?

We produce and sell 8 sparkling brands and 11 still brands.

What are our values?

We have a passion for the Coca-Cola business and for the brand
We think and act like owners at all times
We work and win in teams across the business
Accountability is clear and personal
We are humble but confident in all we do
Sustainability is integral to our working lives
All of this we do with the highest integrity and drive to perform

What are our sustainability priorities?

As a responsible corporate citizen we focus on:
Water usage efficiency
Efficient energy use
Sustainable packaging and
Giving back to communities where we operate

How do we serve our communities?

We are committed to doing business ethically, respecting all relevant codes and regulations applicable to our industry, sphere of business and societal influence.  We consider this vital to winning and maintaining the trust and respect of all our customers and stakeholders.

We continuously strive for excellent partnerships with all those who support our business. In line with our values, we aspire to being an organisation that works in the best interest of three key stakeholders: consumers, retailers and society.

What about community initiatives?

CCBSA is a responsible corporate citizen. In this context we focus on education, environmental management and youth development

Our Schools Recycling Programme is one of the various initiatives that CCBSA has embarked on. In 2017, 597 schools participated in the programme and collected 1 146t tonnes of PET, cans and paper. This year, the post-consumer waste collection target was exceeded by 40%.

Additionally, in 2005, Coca-Cola teamed up with industry partners to form a PET recycling company (PETCO). The target is to collect, in association with its partners, 170 000 tonnes by 2022 with the target for 2017 at 96 655 tonnes. PETCO currently recycles more bottles than those going into landfill. Collection rates are currently at 58%, which is a 3% increase from 2016. Post-consumer PET bottles are collected, recycled and converted into fibre, which can be used in clothing, bedding and furniture. The 74 300 tonnes of post-consumer PET collected in 2015 translates into the creation of an estimated 50 000 income opportunities for informal collectors

What about growing the economy and job creation?

CCBSA is committed to enterprise development as an investment for the future and transformation of South Africa.

We reinvest capital in local businesses through our Local Distribution Partners (LDPs) and the Grow My Business training programme for small retail owners.

We currently have 126 LDPs which are local community businesses, run by local people employing local people. The programme has created 450 job opportunities to date. 93% of LDP owners are equity appointments with 20% owned by black females.

We have trained over 6 800 customers on the Grow My Business programme to grow their businesses sustainably into the future. With each trader supporting at least 4 people with their business income, this means nearly nearly 34 036 people have benefited from the programme. 95.2% of programme participants significantly increased their business skills and 98.4% reported a sales increase. Furthermore, 11.1% of owners were able to employ 1 or more person(s) as a result of the training.

We also have a youth empowerment programme called Bizniz in a Box. After successfully giving unemployed youth the opportunity to become entrepreneurs in the Free State, CCBSA’s innovative enterprise development initiative is being expanded across the country. Founded in 2015 and supported by the Small Enterprise Finance Agency (SEFA), Bizniz in a Box was established to make a meaningful and sustainable impact on youth unemployment and enterprise development. Young people currently constitute more than 35% of South Africa’s population and many of them face significant barriers to entering the formal job market.

Bizniz in a Box involves the selection, training, participation and eventual economic independence of a cross-section of township youth between the ages of 24 and 35. Successful candidates are enabled to manage and run their own stores in the area where they live. They are also provided with basic training in marketing and sales, stock management and finance management, and given access to funding.