All organisations requesting funding from CCBSA need to submit a standard application form and the compulsory attachments referred to in this document in order to be
considered by CCBSA.


Step 1: Acknowledgements

I am aware that the below are not included in the CSI funding processes:

  1. Research
  2. Third party organisations (e.g. Rotaries and Lions Clubs) Indirect funding requests
  3. Political and religious organisations (to facilitate the spread of their own ideology/beliefs)
  4. Sponsorship for Individuals
  5. Sports sponsorships
  6. Salaries, Travel Costs and related expenses
  7. Overdraft and debt reduction
  8. Events (except for Free Beer Issues for Charity Fundraising initiatives)
  9. Exhibitions
  10. Marketing campaigns
  11. Publications (With exception to Job Creation and Awareness Campaigns)
  12. Entertainment (e.g Festivals)
  13. Commercial or profit-making businesses, groups or organisations
  14. Bursaries

I am aware that CCBSA's National and Provincial Focus Areas are as below:

  • Youth and Sports Development
  • Environmental Management
  • Soul Projects (Disaster Relief)

I am aware that only the following organisations will be considered for funding:

  • Registered Non-Profit Organisations
  • Public Institutions (e.g. schools, government departments etc.)
  • Community Groups- A group from the community that can provide written proof that they are acting in the interests of the broader community

Step 2: Application Form

Organisational Details

Postal Address:

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Project Details

% BBBEE Level of beneficiary


Step 3: Supporting Documents

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  2. Each file needs to be uploaded separately.
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BBBEE Certificate:
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Registration Documents:
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Thank you for submitting

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